300 Positive Affirmations All Stated in the Present

  1. My life is an incredible adventure of wonderful opportunities and experiences.
  2. At this very moment, waves of abundance are rushing into my life and overflowing into my affairs.
  3. I love the feeling of having lots of money, so I allow myself to have as much as I need to live a fulfilling life.
  4. I am centered in the prospering, supportive energy of the Universe.
  5. I know that if others can have lots of money, I can too.
  6. I am incredibly capable of creating financial abundance and success in my life.
  7. My life is totally under my control, and I create wonderful opportunities as I use the laws of mind consciously and persistently.
  8. I realize that success is a choice, so I choose to allow success into every area of my life.
  9. I have a money mindset that attracts abundant wealth and incredible opportunities.
  10. My relationship with money is healthy, vibrant and thriving.
  11. The positive impact of my spoken word is seen throughout every area of my life.
  12. I am perfectly in tune to the frequency of prosperity.
  13. Only positive words leave my mouth and only positive experiences fill my life.
  14. My thoughts are charged with so much prospering power that I can attract money just by thinking about it filling my wallet.
  15. I am abundantly successful in everything I do; I move from success to success in every area of my life.
  16. My feelings create my destiny, so I focus on feeling positive, thankful and expectant at all times.
  17. I have all the spiritual resources I need to manifest my desires right away.
  18. I use the dynamic power of my spoken word to summon the mountains of cash that are mine by divine right.
  19. Money is coming to me from all directions, all situations, and all avenues of expression.
  20. All my thoughts, words and actions are inspired by the divine intelligence within me.
  21. I am attuned to my divine mission and purpose in life.
  22. I visualize the success I desire, and the events of my life mirror my persistent vision.
  23. I am thankful for the money that pours into my affairs with speed and consistency.
  24. My positive words and feelings interact with every situation and every person around me to produce abundant success.
  25. Financial abundance is within my reach.
  26. I feel enthusiastic, confident and empowered when I focus on the positive things in my life.
  27. I have a positive and fulfilling relationship with money.
  28. I am open to expected and unexpected sources of money and supply.
  29. I am investing in my own awakening by living in harmony with the divine presence within me.
  30. Tremendous success is seeking expression through me.
  31. I am awake, alert and receptive to all the abundance the Universe has for me.
  32. I am ready and willing to receive the fantastic fortune that is available to me.
  33. My spoken word ripples into my surroundings and transforms my life into an extraordinary experience.
  34. Money comes to me quickly and effortlessly.
  35. I am committed to my vision of success, and I am abundantly rewarded for my persistence.
  36. I am open to receiving a huge financial blessing, so I now give thanks for its speedy arrival.
  37. Incredible opportunities appear in my life easily and effortlessly.
  38. I am open and receptive to all the blessings of the Universe now and forevermore.
  39. My life is part of a divine plan that includes prosperity, abundance and success.
  40. Every thought I think is creating my future, so I focus on thoughts of joy, health and harmony.
  41. Every word I speak has the power to create or destroy my dreams, so I only speak positive and empowering words.
  42. My thoughts and feelings are in perfect alignment with health, wealth and perfect self- expression.
  43. I now expand my awareness of the abundance and prosperity around me.
  44. Money comes into my life easily, quickly and in great abundance.
  45. I feel wealth and abundance rushing toward me now.
  46. I delight in the financial abundance that is a natural part of my life.
  47. Every situation and every person in my life prospers me now.
  48. I choose to believe wonderful things about myself, and my positive beliefs bring wonderful experiences into my life.
  49. I receive unexpected income all the time.
  50. I am open to changing what I believe about money.
  51. I give myself permission to have lots of money and success.
  52. I love myself enough to allow success into every area of my life.
  53. I am always learning something new about the Law of Attraction and my ability to manifest my desires.
  54. I realize that Law of Attraction contains the word action, so I am committed to taking daily action to manifest my dreams.
  55. I realize that all my words are powerful, so I use them wisely.
  56. Good things always happen to me because I radiate a positive vibe.
  57. Instead of complaining, I radiate positivity and express gratitude for all that I have.
  58. I spend quality time with people who encourage and inspire me.
  59. I now rise out of lack and limitation by connecting to the divinity within me.
  60. I am devoted to a lifestyle of constant growth and spiritual evolution.
  61. My feelings are creative, so I continually strive to feel positive and expectant.
  62. I am capable of becoming much more successful than I have ever imagined.
  63. I speak positive words of gratitude and increase each day, therefore I expect to manifest my desires.
  64. Every day I use my spoken word and my imagination to create the prosperous conditions I desire.
  65. I put my faith and confidence in the divine spirit within because it knows the way of fulfillment.
  66. Success is the only outcome that is possible for my life.
  67. Perfect opportunities find me because my mind is a magnet for positive, enriching experiences.
  68. My spoken word dissolves all barriers and clears the way for perfect conditions and perfect manifestations.
  69. I only speak positive words because I know that every word I send out returns multiplied.
  70. Money appears in my life when I summon it and live in harmony with my affirmations.
  71. My spoken word is a divine connection to all the blessings of the Universe.
  72. I am divinely provided for, with more than enough money to spend and save each month.
  73. My words and thoughts originate in the realm of the miraculous.
  74. My spoken word has dominion over my affairs, transforming lack into abundance and fear into faith.
  75. I am open and receptive to the multitude of miracles that are on the way to me now.
  76. I use the picturing power of the mind to create perfect opportunities and fabulous wealth.
  77. Something wonderful happens to me each and every day of my life.
  78. I am open to experiencing the success and abundance that is rightfully mine.
  79. The divine spirit within now leads me to the right people and situations that serve my highest expression of life.
  80. I release all uncertainty, and let the Universe solve my problems in its own wonderful way.
  81. My spoken word is a gateway to quantum leaps, so I declare my desires daily and then I watch my life overflow with wonders.
  82. The doors of my consciousness now swing open to make way for the unlimited abundance that belongs to me.
  83. My mind is a center of divine action, inspiring me with brilliant ideas and guiding me to wealth.
  84. Money comes to me easily, effortlessly and in great abundance.
  85. I always manifest more money than I need.
  86. I love the thought of being financially free, and I give thanks for my prosperous lifestyle.
  87. I constantly attract lots of money, fantastic opportunities and wonderful experiences.
  88. Money quickly appears in my life when I need it.
  89. I always have enough money for everything and anything I want.
  90. I am financed by the divinity within me.
  91. I am open and receptive to a flood of money and a downpour of abundance.
  92. Unexpected money and opportunities are constantly showing up in my life.
  93. I allow myself to be wealthy and prosperous.
  94. I invest my thoughts in ideas that result in wealth and abundance.
  95. Manifesting money is easy for me.
  96. Cash comes to me easily, effortlessly and in big bundles.
  97. Money is irresistibly drawn to me because I am a powerful money magnet.
  98. Opportunities are constantly coming my way.
  99. I am comfortable with having lots of money.
  100. Unlimited good now comes to me in unlimited ways.
  101. I now attract what is rightfully mine.
  102. I don’t experience missed opportunities; as one door shuts, a better one opens.
  103. I trust in the Law of Attraction to deliver my manifestation fully, perfectly and right on time.
  104. I am in the process of becoming more comfortable with having lots of money.
  105. I say yes to my dreams and yes to my unfolding opportunities.
  106. My spoken word causes barriers to vanish and success to appear.
  107. I am open and receptive to the quick fulfillment of my desires.
  108. I anticipate only good things.
  109. I am open and receptive to new, exciting opportunities.
  110. The infinite spirit of the Universe expresses through me, and it knows only success and abundance.
  111. I was meant to experience the best of everything.
  112. The money that I want also wants me.
  113. There is enough money in the world for me to be a millionaire.
  114. I have a powerful prosperity consciousness.
  115. I am capable of abundant success.
  116. I am inspired and guided by the divinity within me.
  117. Every day I wake up feeling prosperous and expectant about the good that is coming my way.
  118. Nothing can hold back the good things that are in store for me.
  119. Money circulates freely and abundantly throughout my affairs.
  120. My entire being is vibrating to the frequency of wealth and opulence.
  121. Great opportunities find me all the time.
  122. The wealth I desire now comes bursting into my life in continuous waves of abundance.
  123. The Universe is in favor of my success.
  124. I am ready, willing and able to handle all the money the Universe is sending my way.
  125. I am attuned to the vast opportunities around me.
  126. My money goes out, but it comes back multiplied.
  127. My affirmations of success bring wonderful opportunities and wonderful people into my life.
  128. Money comes to me from all directions and avenues of expression.
  129. Success feels so natural that I cannot imagine any other outcome for my life.
  130. I am willing to move past limited conditions and enter into a new, vibrant reality of success.
  131. I deserve to have a successful life.
  132. With each passing day I feel more worthy of success.
  133. It feels good to have lots of money and to spend as much as I want on the things that make me happy.
  134. I get excited when I think about all the good things that are happening in my life.
  135. I now flip the switch to ON and allow myself to have all the money and success I am entitled to.
  136. I am becoming conscious of the truth that I have the power to recreate my life.
  137. I welcome lots of money into my life.
  138. I can feel a tidal wave of financial abundance coming my way.
  139. I am consciously creating my abundant reality.
  140. I am programmed for success and destined for greatness.
  141. Success is created from the inside out, so I go within to create my prosperous reality first, and then it shows up in my life as wonderful opportunities and financial increase.
  142. My savings account continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
  143. The Universe delivers the right people at the right time.
  144. I have the power to change my life by changing my words, thoughts and feelings.
  145. The laws of mind work for everyone in the same way.
  146. My subconscious mind does not understand jokes, so I always say positive and uplifting things about money.
  147. I guard my thoughts because I know that my thoughts and feelings are always manifesting the conditions of my life.
  148. Ideas flow freely, success comes naturally, and money pours into my affairs as I enjoy my perfect work and perfect career.
  149. With my spoken word I now create my ideal life and abundant reality.
  150. My relationship with money is strong and vibrant.  
  151. I ever depend on people or conditions for my good, but I place my trust in the Universe for the divine fulfillment of my desires.
  152. With my spoken word I call endless streams of money and abundance into my life.
  153. I always get the things I want.
  154. I now expand my awareness of the incredible wealth that desires expression through me.
  155. My rich thoughts create my rich experiences.
  156. I am worthy of the best that life has to offer.
  157. I love the feeling of my wallet stuffed with cash and my life filled with miracles.
  158. Whatever I send out in word, thought or feeling comes back to me multiplied.
  159. The more abundantly I think and feel, the more abundantly I live.
  160. All the gifts of the Universe are poured out upon me now.
  161. My spoken word now releases a vibrant river of wealth and opulence into my life.
  162. My spoken word dissolves all obstacles and clears the way for my perfect expression of success and financial abundance.
  163. Through faith and my spoken word, the good that I desire now swings into manifestation.
  164. My thoughts project a powerful frequency that irresistibly attracts my desires.
  165. I have a positive, money mindset that attracts all the abundance I desire.
  166. I am willing to be financially prosperous, so I open my mind to a life-changing cash windfall of several million dollars.
  167. I allow myself to have a comfortable life with more than enough money to do as I please.
  168. It is easy for me to attract success and opportunities on a consistent basis.
  169. Money is good because it allows me to fill my life with amazing experiences and wonderful possessions.
  170. I feel positive and expectant about receiving lots of money very soon.
  171. I give thanks for the many good things that are moving toward me now.
  172. My good flows to me in a constant stream of cash, opportunities and success.
  173. I constantly discover new ways to bring money and opportunities into my life.
  174. My spoken word is a dynamic force that removes obstacles from my path and clears the way for my perfect expression of success.
  175. Every area of my life is overflowing with success, including my finances.
  176. I am determined to get what I want, and what I want is determined to appear in my life.
  177. I appreciate all my financial success and unfolding opportunities.
  178. I have always known that I was destined for greatness.
  179. I use the power of my spoken word to create a life in which everything is possible.
  180. It’s ok to be rich, so I now allow a vibrant river of money to circulate throughout my life.
  181. I am very good at attracting lots of money.
  182. Money finds me wherever I go.
  183. My financial situation is healthy and vibrant.
  184. The abundant thoughts I send out return to me clothed in rich experiences and fabulous fortune.
  185. I am a perfect idea in Divine Mind, capable of achieving any goal and realizing any desire.
  186. Stacks of cash and fantastic opportunities circulate throughout my life with amazing vitality.
  187. Money comes to me in great abundance, through multiple channels, on a continuous basis.
  188. I am an entitled child of the Universe, worthy of great success, wealth and happiness.
  189. Good fortune is about to burst into my affairs.
  190. My spoken word is the most powerful, creative force in my life.
  191. I am perfectly aligned with the energy of success and abundance.
  192. I consistently discover new opportunities for success and wealth.
  193. The Universe supports my evolution and guides me every step of the way.
  194. I am blessed with financial abundance, vibrant health, and massive success in every area of my life.
  195. My mind is connected to the infinite mind of the universe, so all knowledge and inspiration is readily available at any time.
  196. My spoken word catapults me into the realm of success, wealth and self-fulfillment.
  197. I fill my mind with positive thoughts, therefore positive events, people and situations fill my life.
  198. I am divinely connected to an endless stream of inspiration and wealth.
  199. The Universe rewards me with massive success for being faithful to my words and positive intentions.
  200. I am infinitely rich, well and happy.
  201. My life is an amazing experience of one positive event after another.
  202. I am not fooled by outer appearances because I know that infinite mind has a divine plan for my life.
  203. Whatever I send out comes back to me, so I send out peace, joy and positive thoughts.
  204. My entire being is vibrating to the frequency of success, so only success and abundance can appear in my life.
  205. My spoken word short-circuits all negativity and doubt, making way for golden opportunities and unlimited abundance.
  206. I am living in the vibration of wealth, immersed in abundance and surrounded by opulence.
  207. Unexpected good and unexpected blessings appear in my life all the time.
  208. The Infinite presence of the Universe wipes out all debts and places me on the path to financial prosperity.
  209. I have the right to be rich, so I focus my spiritual resources on manifesting the life of my dreams.
  210. Large sums of money take me by surprise and fall into my lap consistently and under grace.
  211. I give thanks because money comes to me easily and effortlessly, in expected and unexpected ways.
  212. I am now open to receiving a life-changing cash infusion.
  213. I am grateful because I am feeling positive and expectant today.
  214. My money and affairs now begin to manifest the unlimited abundance of the Universe.
  215. I am more than capable of handling all situations because I am inspired and guided by the infinite intelligence within me.
  216. I am in the process of a mental overhaul by clearing out negative thoughts and replacing them with positive beliefs and expectations.
  217. I experience success wherever I go, around each corner, and in every situation.
  218. I can choose from an unlimited number of thoughts, so I choose to think about goodness, harmony and success.
  219. Every day presents a new opportunity to manifest good things as I live and act in harmony with the laws of life.
  220. I have all the confidence and self-assurance I need to succeed in everything I do.
  221. There is more than enough money for everyone, including me.
  222. Everything I do results in success.
  223. I now release all traces of impoverished thinking so I can make room for abundant beliefs and great expectations.
  224. As I declare my prosperous reality, the Universe opens new channels of money and abundance for me. 
  225. When I see the success of other people, it means that success is getting closer to me.
  226. I enjoy the prosperity of others because I know there is more than enough to go around for everyone.
  227. As I consistently choose positive thoughts, I consistently see positive results in my life.
  228. My thoughts and feelings of abundance wash over my consciousness and immerse me in a rich and prosperous reality.
  229. My thoughts of wealth expand in my consciousness and overflow into my life as rich experiences.
  230. The infinite spirit of the Universe is always on my side.
  231. I create wonderful experiences in my life with the power of my spoken word.
  232. I am ready to forgive and forget so that I can prosper abundantly.
  233. I am willing to be rich.
  234. Today I take back my power by creating my successful reality with positive words, thoughts and feelings.
  235. I am willing to learn more about manifesting my abundant reality.
  236. Good fortune and lavish abundance is in my very near future.
  237. The Universe wants me to succeed.
  238. I align to the nature of the Universal Law and allow good fortune and amazing opportunities to fill my life.
  239. I live in the world of the miraculous where miracle follows miracle and all my needs are met.
  240. I awaken each morning feeling excited and expectant about the day before me.
  241. I expect to prosper today.
  242. I invite abundant opportunities and immense wealth into my life.
  243. I radiate positive expectancy, so the Law of Attraction responds by sending me more money than I can imagine.
  244. I can easily handle life as a millionaire.
  245. I choose my friends with care, and only spend time with people who are positive, uplifting and empowering.
  246. I am open to the fulfillment of my desires without strain or struggle. 
  247. Tremendous opportunities are about to unfold for me in amazing ways. 
  248. I am ready and willing to experience mega success, mega money and opportunities galore.
  249. I am one with the infinite mind of the Universe, whose purpose is to express its divinity through me in the form of success, happiness and abundant wealth.
  250. I now discard limited thinking, and embrace great success and immense wealth.
  251. I was created with divine intention, programmed for success, and financed by the Universe.
  252. I am an open channel for incredible opportunities and huge piles of cash.
  253. I am willing to move out of my comfort zone and embrace the changes that will align me to success, abundance and personal empowerment.
  254. Divine activity flows throughout my affairs and delivers perfect opportunities with perfect timing.
  255. I radiate the energy of success and attract money with an irresistible force.
  256. I am willing to change for the better by working on my thoughts, words and expectations.
  257. I have the power to transform my life by changing my words and thoughts.
  258. The Universe supports me and always backs me up.
  259. Today I enlarge my awareness of the abundance around me.
  260. Success and prosperity is becoming more evident in my life with every passing day.
  261. I am open and receptive to divine blessings in every phase and area of my life.
  262. Today I release the negativity that prevents me from receiving the wonderful blessings that are in store for me.
  263. All my thoughts, ideas and intentions lead directly to abundant success. 
  264. Positive outcomes are always mine because the Universe has my back.
  265. Wealth constantly flows into my life as a vibrant river of cash.
  266. I am open to the possibility of greater abundance because everything I need is all around me.
  267. I am ready and willing to receive a major financial blessing.
  268. I choose to believe that I am worthy of financial abundance.
  269. Prosperity shows up in my life freely, frequently and in thick bundles of cash.
  270. I am constantly creating events and circumstances that match my words and feelings.
  271. There is always something wonderful happening in my life.
  272. I deserve to have millions of dollars for my joy and pleasure.
  273. I keep every avenue of expression wide open because I know that the Universe uses people and situations to deliver my good.
  274. I always have something good to look forward to.
  275. I manifest more prosperity by being grateful for what is already a part of my life.
  276. I am thankful for the overwhelming abundance I experience each day of my life.
  277. My wallet is overflowing with an abundance of cash.
  278. I am connected to an endless source of abundance and wealth.
  279. Today I find comfort in the presence of the indwelling spirit that provides solutions for all my concerns.
  280. I am divinely guided and inspired in everything I do because the infinite wisdom of the Universe dwells within me.
  281. I am a receptive channel for everything that is good, valuable, and worthwhile.
  282. Today I release all negative feelings and buried resentments to make room for the abundant success that is mine by divine right.
  283. Through the power of my spoken word I revolutionize my life by casting away old, worn out beliefs, and replacing them with rich expectation and abundant faith.
  284. I am ready to receive my good, this day, right now, stacked up and overflowing into all my affairs.
  285. The infinite presence of the Universe is my unfailing, prospering power.
  286. My spoken word turns the tide on my finances and unleashes a powerful river of money into my life.
  287. Nothing negative can penetrate my life because I am divinely guided through life and overshadowed by the protective hand of God.
  288. Infinite wisdom is producing perfect results through me now.
  289. The perfect job, a great boss, and career satisfaction are just some of the wonderful things that are a natural part of my life.
  290. I meet every challenge with strength, wisdom and self-assurance.
  291. I am a perfect idea in the mind of God, continually guided to my highest expression of life where all my needs are met in wonderful ways.
  292. I am an open channel for the blessings of the Universe because I have cleared my mind of all resentment, gossip and negative thinking.
  293. The outcome I desire is already mine, so I let go and trust in the perfect outworking of success in my life.
  294. I am open, receptive and ready for a massive surge of money in my life.
  295. I attract good fortune into my life by speaking words of gratitude for all the good that appears before me.
  296. Divine guidance leads me to the perfect career where doors open, ideas flow, and opportunities arise.
  297. Every morning I wake up feeling rich and prosperous, and my prosperous feelings create my rich experiences.
  298. I am open and receptive to everything that is good, including wonderful relationships, plenty of money and vibrant health.
  299. I have a millionaire mindset that attracts all the money and opportunities I desire.
  300. The unlimited substance of the Universe now frees me from all financial limitations and conditions of lack.

I did it 300 beneficial positive affirmations… 

Aaron Ellis 2018

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