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My name is Aaron Ellis, I’m a fitness professional, martial arts instructor and I have a dog called Teddy. That’s a story for another time.

Some people call me the Kettlebell Guy, others know me as an authority on how to develop usable and practical strength. 

I have compiled all of the training I have received and given and created over the course of 20 years into The CompleteStrength & Fitness Archive.

CompleteStrength is not your cookie cutter style fitness training. I’m 42 years old at the time of writing this and in very good health, physically and mentally.

I want to share with you what training, health hacks and other things I have been doing for many years that’s has enabled me to be as mobile, strong and fit as I was in my 30’s.

Over 20 years of CompleteStrength knowledge for you to devour, assimilate and implement.

The Archive currently contains: 

Kettlebell Routines, Exercises and Videos

  • Articles on strength development
  • Access to ALL the CompleteStrength Digital Books
  • The Neuromuscular Strength Seminar 
    • – Over 2-hours of HD Footage
    • Instant Strength Boosting Methods
    • ABSolute Core Strength Training
    • Stripping the One Leg Squat
  • ABSolute Core Digital Book 
    • The Manual For Developing Unreal Core Strength
  • ABSolute Core Video Demonstrations

  • Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts Digital Book
    • 33 Kettlebell and Body Weight Routines

As you can see, I create Strength, Kettlebell and Fitness Articles, Books & Videos, plus Training Routines, Tips and Longevity Hacks.

Join me:

✔ Australian Kettlebell Pioneer and Expert, Strength Coach
✔ Teaching Personal Trainers how instantly increase their clients’ strength and performance.
✔ Russian Martial Art Instructor, Strength athlete.
✔ Author of ABSolute Core: The Manual for Developing Unreal Core Strength