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Who is Aaron Ellis
Aaron Ellis, author of ABSolute Core: The Manual for Developing Unreal Core Strength, Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts: For fat loss, fitness & conditioning. The former 2x Australian Kickboxing Champion is a kettlebell, strength and conditioning expert. He was fascinated by martial arts movies and the movements of the human body as a child and would watch the Olympic gymnasts and weightlifters with awe, aspiring to know their secrets of strength and flexibility.

His fitness and martial arts journey started with school sport,  Tae-Kwon-Do which was offered as an alternative school sport. After a few months of this training, Tae-Kwon-Do wasn’t enough so Aaron joined the local kickboxing club ‘The Vikings’ Kickboxing & Muay Thai School. Under the guidance of Shane Tidyman, Aaron won seven fights in a row becoming the Queensland ISKA Light Welter (State Champion) and 2x Australian ISKA Light Welter Champion.


The Strength Journey Begins

In 1997, Aaron was introduced to Robbie, a strength & conditioning coach and Muay Thai instructor who taught Aaron the fundamentals of developing strength and superior conditioning.  This gave him a huge advantage for his next fight, a tag team kickboxing match. Aaron and his teammate Andrew Keogh were both significantly stronger than the other team’s fighters and they took the prize money and trophy home. 

To date, Aaron has taught 1000’s Kettlebell class, conducted numerous seminars on how to improve strength, kettlebell exercises and technique improvement.
Aaron commonly referred to as the core strength and kettlebell guy who teaches high-level strategies for developing core strength.

Aaron Ellis vs. Patrick LovekinAaron had 14 competitive fights with 12 wins and 2 losses winning the Queensland & 2x Australian Muay Thai Titles.

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➽ Strength athlete, Kettlebell Expert, Strength Coach, Russian Martial Art Instructor, I.T Professional.

➽ Author of Renegade Cardio “Gain The Edge” and ABSolute Core The Guide For Developing Unreal Core Strength

➽ One of the first Australians to be using and teaching the lost art of kettlebell training.

Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Cert 3 & 4 Fitness

Former ISKA Queensland Light-Welter Weight Title

Former ISKA Australian Light-Welter Weight Title

Former ISKA Australian Light-Middle Weight Title