Athletic Domination With Block Periodisation

In this video I’m going to discuss block periodization and two important training principles. I’m going to introduce you to concentrated loading and it’s effectiveness compared to mixed training.

And how to use CL to take advantage of the long-term delayed training effect

A Quick About Me.

I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for 17 years. My training background started in martial arts and kickboxing. During the 6 years of kickboxing I won a Queensland Title and 2 Australian ISKA Titles.

I have authored a few booked the most notable ones are ABSolute Core: The manual for developing unreal core strength, Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts and Simplified Strength. 

And I’m also Russian Martial Arts Instructor and Hypnotherapist.


The topic today is Block Periodisation…

Block Periodization is rooted in two key principles.

The first one is concentrated loading (CL) and the second one is the long-term delayed training effect (LTDTE).

In this video I will first discuss concentrated loading versus mixed training training and do a second video on the long-term delayed training effect.

Ok, first what is CL?

Concentrated Loading is concentrated training on one aspect (one goal) in a training block.

Mixed training on the other hand is mixing multiple training goals.

One of the drawbacks to mix training is that it dilutes the training effect.

Watch the video to learn more.

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