Commando: Workout Endurance and Strength

Strength Programs

The Commando Program is an intermediate level routine for a developing strength, fitness and conditioning.


Each workout is alternated with a day of rest between. You can continue this pattern for the 4 weeks or you could do something like Monday, Wednesday, Friday and have the weekend off for recovery.


Prerequisites for starting this program are:
You must be able to comfortably press a 24kg Kettlebell for 5 reps with each arm.
You must be able to 5 weighted pistols (One Leg Squats) holding a 24kg Kettlebell out front.
Note: Workouts are not set in stone. You can use the same routine but substitute the weights used for your current level of strength.

Workout 1
* weighted pull-ups 24kg 3×3, Alt. with clean ‘n’ military press 3×3 1-24kg
* weighted pistols 24kg 3×3 total reps equal 9 even if you need to finish with singles
* 24kg snatch 3 sets hard not to failure, Alt. with Paradox Breathing BCP, focus on tension 3×3

Rest day

Workout 2
* cleans ‘n’ jerks 24kg 5 min
* heavy abs -> ab wheel or kettlebell crunches
* pull-ups 50; sets alternated with body weight pistols 10+ reps each set
* Snatches or swings 16kg; alternates sets of 10-20 with a 90-metre jog.

Rest day


Start over.

Week 4 is the backoff week reduce all your reps by 50%.
For workout 1 in week 4, you would do 4-5 reps total that might be a set of 3 then a set of 2

Workout 2, do 2 minutes 30 seconds of jerks, cut pull-up to 25 and reduce the run and snatch volume.

You are now ready for -> The Force Recon: Workout



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