Consciousness follows vision…

What if consciousness is not what drives the human mind?

“Consciousness follows vision, and I step into the vision and explore a world just as real as this.” Neville Goddard

If you would like to see the world unfold around you like magic, take some time, using your imagination to step into the world you desire and feel it real. Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between the real world in front of you, or the one in your imagination. Step into the vision that you wish to have, see it as real, feel it as real. Do this until your heart begins to race. And watch it manifest before your eyes. Your subconscious mind will easily close the gap between what is “real” and what is your vision, thus your vision becomes your reality.

Who is Neville Goddard?

Neville Goddard, was, in every sense – A Real Magician.

Magic is ultimately defined as using one’s mental faculties to extend the perceived limits of achievable reality. With magic, we widen the sphere of possible manifestations. The change of outer reality is predominately preceded by potent changes within the self – attitudes, expanding abilities, perceiving limitations with discernment – all through willpower.

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