Joint Health & Mobility

An important factor for overall health

Joint Mobility is the ability to move a joint throughout its entire range of motion with control.

Strength and fitness are great, what’s not great is having a beat-up body with stiff joints due to not putting all the joints in your body through their entire range of motion every other day.

Sport, recreational activities, and even your work environment can limit your joint range of motion.

Repetitive movements and lack of movement (standing and sitting) impact the health of the joint and surrounding joints take up the slack. This, in turn, causes muscle imbalances, aches, pains and stiffness in your body.

Joint mobility drills help circulate the synovial fluid in the joint. Synovial fluid is like the oil for joint since there is no blood supply it needs to lubricated by a movement which moves the fluid around the joint capsule. Joint salts, or calcium deposits, are dissolved and dispersed with the same gentle, high-repetition movement patterns.

Properly done, joint mobility can restore the range of motion to the ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, neck, elbows, wrists and fingers.

If there were such a thing as a fountain of youth, joint mobility exercises come very close.

Improving and maintaining your joint range of motion is easy. You just need to make a habit of doing a few drills every day upon waking up in the morning.

Remember that time you saw someone reaching up high to get something out of a cupboard you heard them faintly say ‘aww’ as they reached up with their arms?

Don’t let that be you.

There are literally 100’s of mobility exercise. In the video above I show you some basics to get you started.

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