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What is a Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing?

Within Martial Arts, there are styles categorised as Soft Styles and Hard Styles.

Soft Styles emphasise relaxation and looseness while the Hard Styles emphasise high tension.

If the description stopped there you might walk away with the idea that tension tells the story. But the relaxation part is just as important!

The focus of the hardstyle swing is to generate as much tension as possible in the entire body using techniques used by gymnasts, powerlifters and karate practitioners at the top of the swing.

This tension is held only for a brief second and then everything is ‘switched off’ and relaxed but still keeping the required tension is to safely let the kettlebell swing between the legs.

At the bottom of the swing, the hamstrings are loaded and then we explode the kettlebell back to the top and tension for that brief moment once again.

This cycle of explode, relax, explode is repeated with every repetition for the desired number of repetitions.

This style of swing teaches us how to turn our muscles on and off in an instant. This is highly beneficial for martial artists, boxers, and kickboxers and will increase overall strength, power, and speed.

The hardstyle swing is not ONLY for athletes.

If you want to shred fat, increase fitness and get stronger you should be doing kettlebell swings and be swinging hardstyle!!

At the top of the swing tense:

  • The legs
  • Glutes (buttocks)
  • Abs and core
  • squeeze the handle of the kettlebell
  • and flex the lat muscles… and exhale like you taking a punch to the stomach!

Use reps of 10 or more and repeat for as many sets as you can.

Stop when you form starts to deteriorate or you can not sufficiently generate tension.

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