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I have never achieved a one-arm chin-up, it’s a huge goal, but even if you never reach it these methods will increase your pulling strength ten fold.

There are a lot of good tips performing one arm chin training, but these are the methods I have discovered and others have use to get that legendary one arm chin:
1. Pull-up with two arms, go down with one: 
This might be a good approach, but I never could do this in the past (some years ago). To do this you should be able to do a perfect two arm chin/ pull-up with at least 65% of your BW attached. If your weight is 100kg, you should be able to do one chin-up with 165kg. If you are not strong enough and you try a negative one arm chin, your bicep will leave you. Ouch. 
I would not try this before being good in weighted chin work. 

2. Pull down machines. 
Forget it. You will never get ready for a one arm chin when you are not training them on a chinning bar. It’s my personal experience. You could do your chinning bar work, then some one arm pull downs with serious weight but not vice versa. 

3. One hand on your working wrist, then elbow… 
it’s a very good advise but before starting this exercise, make sure to do a lot of gripping work! This is very important for one arm chins!! Start today. 

4. One arm lock offs 
Pull-up yourself with two arms, then rest a few seconds with only one arm at the bar. Works good, but not for a beginner. It’s useful for an advanced comrade who needs strength for his sticking points. 

5. One arm chins with bungee cords. 
Are very good, you could use tubes of a bicycle. You will get the feeling of a true one arm chin (twisting!!) and you have not to use your whole BW. They are Very good. Try it! 

6. One arm chins with different fingers
I use this approach, I really like it and this was the way for me to get close to doing a one arm chin.

How to do it. Use your dominant hand and the middle finger. Do 5 reps. do this till you could do 5 reps with 10kg? Then switch to ring finger, train, train, train till you could do 5 reps with 10kg, switch to pinky finger. Train train train, add weight (5 to 10kg). Then you will be very, very close to a one armer. 

If not buy eagle loops. One finger in one loop, the dominant hand on the bar. 5 reps. the use two eagle loops attached in row. And so on. 

7. Reps and Sets
One armers are very intensive. So be careful. I would use 1-3 reps when advanced, 5 reps when you are a beginner. Work down from 5 reps to 1 rep within 3 month or so. 

Use GTG, works really well. wave your reps (!!!!), 10 singles day 1, 2 singles day 2, 3 sets of 5 reps with lighter weight day 3, day 4 rest or only one single and so on. 

Train your grip like a madman!!! Do two arm towel chins. And some lever bar work. 

Do one, one arm assisted chin, then one hard press (one arm pushups, handstand pushups, KB-press, barbell press…), then one, one arm armer. And so on. 

It does not make sense to do light set pushups, then a very hard one arm chin. Hard chinning and hard pressing 

8. Conclusion: 
– Train low reps in GTG 
– Wave the reps up and down.
– Take one year; don’t even think on doing a one arm chin within 3 months.

You need to stick to it. I have never truly committed myself and as a result I haven’t spent the time and hence no one armer.

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