One Arm Kettlebell Cleans

The Clean
The clean is an abbreviated swing with a dip and catch at the top to bring the kettlebell into the rack position on the chest.
The clean serves two functions in kettlebell workouts. It is an excellent conditioning exercise in its own right and it is used to get the kettlebell in position to perform a number of other exercises.
When doing the clean, try to absorb the impact of the kettlebell as gently as possible.
With a light kettlebell it is easy to muscle the weight up to the chest but with a heavier bell this method will quickly fail.

Performing the Clean

  1. Start in the same position as the swing.
  2. Swing the kettlebell forward as if doing a full swing but use less power.
  3. Keep the elbow slightly bent and closer to the ribs as the kettlebell comes up to
    waist height.
  4. Pull the kettlebell into the shoulder and allow it to roll around the wrist until it rests
    on the forearm and bicep.
  5. As the kettlebell lands on the forearm allow the knees to dip and absorb the shock
    by bracing the abs and glutes.
  6. To reverse the movement push the hips back slightly and push the hand forward.
  7. Allow the kettlebell to descend quickly and then catch it at the bottom of the
    movement by bending the knees.
  8. You can do the clean for a number of reps by allowing it to swing back between
    the legs slightly and then repeating 2-7

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