During this 6 hour seminar you will see demonstrations, learn the theory and get to practice in a safe environment

Let me introduce you to the Pillars of Power.

4 Powerful principles of CNCTEMA the Close Combat Method from Russia.

This training is very subtle but powerful. You will improve your self-defence and fighting skills ten fold.

During this 6 hour seminar you will see demonstrations, learn the theory and get to practice in a safe environment.

9am – 4pm. 20th March 2021

Location: 4/44 Paisley Drive, Lawnton Queensland


The 4 Pillars of Power of the Russian Method

Recuperation and Healing Techniques

Biomechanical Takedowns

Body Manipulation

Psychology of Combat

How to Fall Safely on Hard Surfaces.

Aaron Ellis – Russian Combat Instructor

Systema means ‘the system’ and is based on a system of principles called ‘The 4 Pillars’ which allows the style to be quickly learned, and easily used, in even the most dangerous of situations.

This training is truly unique, a style that was locked behind closed doors until the fall of the Soviet Union. It is the style for those in immediate need of a truly viable form of self defence.

The Russian fighting system makes no distinction between blocks, strikes and holds, as every movement is multifunctional. 

Techniques are based on the natural movement of the body resulting in unique, unpredictable, and highly effective moves. 

Systema uses different parts of legs, arms and body to strike, kick, slap, drill, pinch and push to disorient, shock, disarm and stop attackers.

Training in the Russian Method is not done by repeating set moves and stances, but by gradually finding solutions to the problems each training exercise presents.

You will learn how to move and why it works…

This type of learning gives rise to a multitude of answers to the same problem. These solutions are powerful tools; they are not easy to forget.

The non-competitive aspect of Systema is especially important here because rather than attempting to ‘win’ in class, the whole class works together to refine each other’s responses to varying combat stimuli. In time you’ll discover a very strong natural sensitivity to the intent, force, and physical and mental condition of others.

Body Manipulation

Finding the solutions to challenging physical situations becomes easier if one adheres to four basic principles which we call the 4 Pillars of Power these pillars or principles are what we will be deeply studying in this seminar.

The great thing is this, these Pillars of Power are not style dependent they will improve all martial arts styles!

Here are the 4 pillars and a brief description of how they related to combat.

1. Breathing

The way we breathe affects us physically and mentally. This becomes obvious when mental or physical changes coincide with changes in breathing. Have you noticed that you breathe out more when you are angry? And that short sniffs in through the nose can make you feel sad and cry?

Understanding and control of breathing processes allow constant movement, correct form through control of mental stress (pain or fright) and aid relaxation.

Once you start to understand breathing you easily realise why it is pillar number one.

2. Form or Body Structure

‘Form’ means to make yourself comfortable and to align your body by supporting it using the balance of the skeleton rather than muscular tension. This puts the body in the strongest, steadiest position and allows ease of movement, relaxation and normal breathing. 

3. Relaxation

Bodily tension is different in every person. Precise, creative and economical movement is only possible within a relaxed body. Good breathing is also only possible in a relaxed body. Thus we can restore normal breathing by relaxation and vice versa. Constant movement and proper form are achieved by relaxation and ridding the body of unnecessary tension.

4. Continual Movement

The body is designed to move and should do so continuously when you seek to physically interact with others. It takes effort to start pushing a car but once it’s moving it is easy.

You must be able to move each part of the body precisely and independently, but with the whole body and mind working together as one unit. This makes it possible to keep the form of the body, helps relaxation and aids circulation and breathing.

You can see how each pillar or principle relies on each other.

How can one prepare for real life?

Painful Points

The answer is to make the training environment correct. For example if someone falls over it is likely to be on concrete – so one must learn to fall safely on a hard floor without mats.

This allows development of an accurate approach to falling and avoids the mental unpreparedness of transferring skills from an artificial to a real environment.

Sorry guys traditional breakfalls don’t work on hard surfaces or uneven ground, you may break your hands.

Also, the use of boxing gloves, pads and other protective equipment is to be avoided. Every opportunity should be taken to experience things in a way that is as close to reality as possible.



What Will You Get As Participant At This Seminar?

– 6 hours of dedicated CNCTEMA training.

– How To Do The 4 Pillars of Power: THE RIGHT WAY – THE RUSSIAN WAY

These are the 4 MOST IMPORTANT abilities, skills, tactics – whatever you want to call them, that are first and foremost when defending yourself.

– Methods of breathing that massively increase your power – for takedowns and striking. 

– A trusted method for relieving aches and pains, relaxing, softening sore joints and healing your body the fastest way possible.

As for the investment, and I want to say, my goal is to deliver the most amazing CNCTEMA training you’ve ever experienced… so I think $40 an hour is fair.

6 Hours at $40/hour is $240 

That is literally giving it away. 

I mean, this is diamond quality, opals of wisdom, gold mine stuff here.

Because we don’t train in a flash gym or centre, I was going to charge $220 but I don’t want the price to be the reason you miss out on this training. 

So I am doing an Amazing Deal for you, so DISCOUNTED TO LESS THAN HALF PRICE! 

Special Discounted Price: $90

Max 16 people, 11 PLACES left.

All payments upfront.

Commitments to the seminar must be taken seriously as any no-shows will make an odd number of people which will mean 1 person will be unable to participate.

A buddy system when signing up will be utilized. Short of a car crash, heart attack or wife giving birth, no-shows will be… remedied… lol

Pillars of Power – Russian Combat Seminar


The 4 Pillars of Power of the Russian Method

Recuperation and Healing Techniques

Biomechanical Takedowns

Body Manipulation

Psychology of Combat

How to Fall Safely on Hard Surfaces.


WAS $220

Special Discounted Price


11 Spots Left. 



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