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My Ultimate Coaching Offer

premium 1-on-1 coaching

A Free Skype Consultation to discuss your goals & how you could benefit from my coaching.

Ongoing Weekly Skype Sessions and daily accountability.

A fully personalised Training Program continually updated with your progress.

A fully Personalised Nutrition Plan.

Access to the exclusive VIP Members site,
with all your workouts, meals, video tutorials and more…

Access to the private AEF community

Includes E-Books and resources packed with additional information.

24/7 support…

What You Get

Before we start we will have a Skype consultation to allow me to understand exactly what you want to achieve and make sure premium 1-on-1 coaching is the right fit for you. All you need to do is find a time that suits you for a free Skype consultation. This is so essential to completely personalise your program and is something that separates my service from the other generic programs. I love meeting my clients and teaching the strategies I use to get results.

Premium coaching will enable you as much contact with me as needed. Through weekly video calls and continual updates on progression in and out of the gym, I am able to tweak your program as often as needed. This is essential to capitalise on your results as you progress weekly because as your body changes, so too does your nutritional and training requirements. This coaching service is my absolute passion and why I am in the health and fitness industry. I am able to form a genuine relationship with you as we work together not only achieving goals, but transforming your life. We set mini goals each week as we move towards our bigger ones, and I am able to hold you accountable to all of it, reaching out to help at any time.

1-on-1 premium coaching includes a completely individualised, comprehensive meal plan. There is no limit to the amount of times we can revise this meal plan. It is constantly updated and you will have access to me at all times to work anything out. I will be the one to design your nutrition plan at the conclusion of our first Skype call together, and will continue to change it to suit your needs for the entire duration we work together. You will have access to E-books designed to teach you all about how, why and when to eat certain foods. The nutritional Plan is designed based off your food preferences, intolerances, body type, goals, age, height and weight to name a few. I do not believe in radical dieting and we will make this nutritional program enjoyable and tasty to ensure adherence over the long term. I will tailor your program to include total calories and macronutrient targets to ensure that you have the absolute best transformation possible while not damaging your metabolism or other health issues related to crash dieting. The goal here is to provide your body with the best possible food options for you specifically so you can wake up every morning with energy while dropping body fat.

The training plan is made with your specific goals in mind. As this training program is 100% customised to you, it does not matter whether you have access to a gym or not. There is no limit to the amount of times we revisit your training plan, if you don’t like an exercise we can change it out easily. The program itself will be continually updated as you progress in the gym to challenge you and provide the best possible results. The training program can be accessed through the JMF App where you will have access to all of your workouts with exercise video tutorials for correct form. I have implemented hundreds if not thousands of training plans now, and will guarantee that by following my evidence based training protocols you will see results and strength improvements like never before.

Your program will come with mobility flow sequences. I have created these to not only alleviate pain and tightness but also help with postural problems. These will be updated as you progress through your training to target muscle groups and movement patterns that are specific to your mobility.

Once you have purchased this program you will be emailed immediately confirming your purchase. Attached to this email will be your:

Simplified Strength E-Book
ABSolute Core E-Book,
The Kettlebell Workout Guide E-Book.

All of which you will receive for free. These resources are packed full of content to teach you how to transform your body and life.

Access to a closed Facebook group with all other members. When your program finishes you will not lose access to this platform, as I want everyone I work with to get continued support.

You will have access to me 24/7 via a number of different platforms. I will always be within reach.

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