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Build legendary abs – and get stronger and healthier – the BPC is just the beginning; the advanced variations take it to another level and all without using any machines or gym memberships. (You can do everything at home.)

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Product Description

What is the best exercise for your abs? There’s not only one but you must start with bracing or your slowing your progress.

How do you get abs fast? You follow a low-calorie diet and do the ABSolute Core program.

How do you get a flat stomach? You follow a low-calorie diet and do the ABSolute Core program!

ABSolute Core IS The Definitive Guide to Flat Strong Stomach and Six Pack Abs.

Strong abdominal muscles and the surrounding muscles of the core, boost strength in every activity, protects your back and makes lifting safer. Whether you’re moving a refrigerator or lifting weights, your core is the body’s amplifier for strength.

ABSolute Core is a no bulls*!t manual, that takes you through every DETAIL (the gold is in these details), from the most basic to advanced levels of training that, YOU WILL GET A flat, firm and strong abs in the fastest possible way.

Within ABSolute Core – The Manual for Developing Unreal Core Strength you’ll learn the secrets to getting unreal core strength while getting a flat & firm stomach at the same time. These secrets are all based on science, however, few people know these techniques. The common method of doing endless amounts of sit-ups and crunches just doesn’t work, there is no need to be doing 100’s of repetitions.

ABSolute Core is suitABLE for EVERYONE all levels of fitness, the beginner will get the best possible start. Advanced athletes will SOAR. Using these exercises teach you how to transfer your strength through the whole body, boosting strength in exercises like the barbell squat and deadlift…

This book will 100% take your current core strength to a new level and beyond…

Straight to the point, over 50 HI QUALITY photographs accompanied by HIGHLY detailed instructions.


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