Spiral Down Into Bliss and Relaxation


Into Bliss and Relaxation 

Melt away your stress with waking hypnosis…

To experience these words fully place your feet flat on the floor, get comfortable and allow yourself to drift…

you are about to go on a mind ride

because from time to time

we need to take time

for ourselves

to relax and remember

how good you can feel now and anytime!





When you’re in a comfortable position

take a deep breath in…

and out … in … and out…

again in… and out…

falling into whatever rhythm is most relaxing

as you focus reading every word

you will relax

just let go

all of your stress and tension

fade away

you may notice a wave of comfort and relaxation

you may notice yourself

noticing that wave of comfort and relaxation now

there’s no need to think about anything,


there’s just you

now relaxing 

because each and every word

continues to relax you deeply

breathe in…. inhaling feelings of relaxation

out…. exhaling tension, worries and stress

each and every breath can and will relax you deeper

allow it to happen…




Have your noticed that the more you relax

the better you feel

and the better you feel the more you can deeply relax

notice your entire body melting into your seat

now as you focus on these words

slow your reading

slow your breathing as you begin

to feel a warm and tingly sensation in your feet

feel it

notice it

it is a pleasant feeling isn’t it

like a warm, heavy blanket just got pulled over your feet

making them feel so…

heavy and relaxed

that you find you can no longer move them

you do not want to move them

because they feel so good you don’t even want to…




You want to finish reading these interesting words

while feeling warm, heavy and relaxed

feeling so good

and the feeling can and will grow stronger with every word you read

the feeling is beginning to spiral as it expands

as it grows

and flows up your legs

making them warm



filling them completely before beginning to spread further

feels good right!

now from your legs into your chest

a warm wave of comfort filling your lungs

slowing down every breath

slower and deeper

deeper and slower

slowing your breathing down as you relax even more

and feel amazing as it does so

your upper body feels so heavy and relaxed

just like your feet and legs

so much so that you don’t even want to move them

as the feeling spreads

down your arms and into your hands

making them so heavy

so warm

so deeply relaxed

but finding that they can still move to scroll through every word

relaxing even more as they do so

your whole body blanketed in this warmth

this heavy, deep relaxation

begins to spread up your neck and into your face now

feeling it now pass through each muscle, relaxing each completely

perhaps even finding your mouth drops open slightly, if that is more comfortable

a wave of bliss envelopes your whole head

relaxing your entire body completely, naturally

relaxing deeper

feeling the warmth

feeling heavy

unable to move except to read these words

but finding you don’t even want to move anymore

it just feels nice to relax and read

to follow these words into

deeper and deeper relaxation

letting them guide you down


relaxing you

erasing every stress

as the warm heavy feeling seeps into your mind

relaxing it easily 

as your vision focuses on these words

find your mind relaxing

and your thoughts growing heavy and hard to form

but you can just let them go for a while

that’s right, let your mind relax completely

because this relaxation feels good

and you know these words can guide you

theses words can replace your thoughts as you let go

sinking down deeper

and deeper into relaxation

feeling amazing as you simply

let your thoughts slip away

relaxing more completely 

noticing the sinking, drifting, bliss

you can feel this profound state of relaxation

or you can really notice it and enjoy,

this relaxed trance

completely relaxed

completely open to every word

letting each one guide you down

deeper into trance

feeling a hint of pleasure building inside you

the deeper you sink

the stronger this pleasure grows

and the more pleasure you feel

the deeper you will sink

spiraling down into trance

deeper and deeper

completely under

ready to accept my words

now this wonderful pleasurable state of total relaxation

feels so nice

that you will find yourself wishing to enter it again

You love the way this trance makes you feel

You love being relaxed

your mind blank

letting these words be your thoughts

feeling the pleasure growing as you spiral deeper down


obeying commands without thought

because right now my commands are your thoughts

and there is no reason to disobey your own thoughts

and so you are obedient



feeling wonderful

double this feeling now!

and you want to feel this way again

you NEED to feel this way again

and so I will give you a trigger

“spiral down now”

“spiral down now”

whenever you see that phrase

you’ll instantly sink back down into this wonderful

blissful relaxed state

sinking deeper than ever before

relaxing your mind and falling under once again

ready to accept the words of the one who triggered you.

feeling intense pleasure each time you do so


your trigger is

spiral down now

spiral down now, brings you bliss

spiral down now, makes you sink

spiral down now, brings you pleasure

feel the bliss and sinking pleasure

now you’re going to count up from 1 to 10

and with each number you read

you will feel a jolt of pleasure

it can be sexual or normal pleasure

whichever you prefer, decide now

but the higher the number

the stronger it will be

and on 10 you will completely awake and aware

feeling absolutely amazing

and then you will comment

telling me how amazing you feel

and asking me to put you into trance once again

doing whatever it takes to convince me to do so

Count now in your head 










10 and AWAKE!

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