Undisclosed Instant Strength Techniques

Aaron Ellis

North of Brisbane
Thursday,12:01 p.m.

Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you got to my website.

Maybe you read about it in my book.  Maybe a friend referred you to it. Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure crazy luck.

Well, however you got here, you have arrived at what is, without question, the most underrated yet valuable fitness website on the entire Internet!


Do you want to be better at your sport?

Bruce Lee understood the importance of strength

The legendary master was one of the very first martial artists to discover and believe fully in strength training.

He knew the Abdominals and lower back is where strength begins.

If you have a weak core then you will likely have weaknesses elsewhere.

You will most likely be injury prone as well. You need to main a strong core every single day.

Confused about how to build real strength?

Do you know the benefits of strength training?

That strength training boosts performance, improves your bone density, promotes fat-free muscle, strengthens ligaments and your tendons too.

Perhaps you’ve followed a few strength programs, have some results but you just haven't been able to get to that next level of world beating strength … even though you have tried.

Maybe you’re something missing?

The fact is, real strength training is a lot different to just doing regular weight training. There is a specific process that you need to do to build above average strength.

You should know how to prepare your body, select the right exercises and schedule and if you want to excel, use inhibition techniques to tell your muscles they can contract harder and not collapse under heavy loads.

And if you get it wrong… You're just weight training like everyone else.
You lose out on the real benefits, you still build some strength but you never build strength that others envy and your competition regrets.

Perhaps you have been doing it wrong???

Maybe you are frustrated because you have been training for 3 months, 6 months, perhaps even 2 years or more, and you’ve hit a plateau. The strength gains have slowed and it appears you’ve hit your limit.

Then there is conflicting information on the number sets, repetitions and the best exercises...

Maybe you get that figured out, then you are not sure how many days you should train for optimum results.

I understand how you feel because when I first started strength training, I didn't have all the answers either!

The good news is… if you do it right... It’s very easy to progressively get stronger, boost your performance and get all the positive benefits of strength training.

I have personally invested over 15 years, to the study of strength development.

It’s been closer to 15 years of study and practice. Researching methods for high-level fitness and strength development. I’ve studied 1000’s of programs tried 100’s of them.

In those first years, there was significant trial and error, I’d get results than my progress would stall. I thought I had reached my limit and felt like it, until…

I was searching an old hard drive and stumbled upon one of my old training journals where I had made huge jumps in strength and had an epiphany!

I was sure I had figured it out so I put it to the test. My strength started to soar!
I was hitting new personal bests and people were asking what was my secret. There was no secret, just significant study, trial and error.

The way that you train directly affects the adaptation of your muscles and nervous system. You need to train in such a way that you stimulate your body to develop strength with the perfect number of sets, exercises, repetitions, rest and training frequency.

This new program was my blueprint for insane strength and this program has delivered consistent results' month after month, year after year for myself and others.

I’ve taught these strength building tactics at my workshops and with my private clients and have seen immediate boosts in strength and continued progress using the Simplified Strength Blueprint.

Using this program I developed the strength to one-arm press and one-arm snatch a 40kg kettlebell overhead and deadlift 170kg which was 2.3x my body weight of 72 kg, also a back lever, human flag and dragon flag all feats that require extreme whole body strength.

But until now, I have kept many of my top level strength techniques a literal secret, only available to those who train with me in my private strength bootcamps and high level classes.

Anyhow I don't say this to brag - simply to show you that I know what I am doing, I've been perfecting strength development techniques for several years, and I have finally decided to reveal them to you.

I have decided to create an incredible offer for you that coincides with the release of my new book Simplified Strength.

You will get all the information, exactly what you need to know to build insanely high levels of strength, and built it fast - including exactly how to structure your own program and ready-made programs so you can start straight away.

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