What Is Systema?

Systema Multiple Striking

Systema (The System) is a military fighting art based on the training of the Elite Russian Special Forces. It is a comprehensive system of defence and protection, which was only declassified, and made known to the public with the fall of the Soviet regime.

Throughout the cold war it grew and adapted to the varied needs of the elite Soviet Special forces (Spetsnaz), and the KGB. As a result, it is a system that goes far beyond the scope of most martial arts, making it the consummate martial art for the modern world.

The Russian fighting system makes no distinction between blocks, strikes and holds, believing that every movement is multifunctional. Techniques are based on the natural movement of the body resulting in unique, unpredictable, and highly effective moves. This fighting art uses different parts of legs, arms and body to strike, kick, slap, drill, pinch and push to disorient, shock, disarm and destroy opponents.

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